Your Friendly System Administrators…

Our expertise is in Network and System Administration . We maintain machines and networks, based on TCP/IP and Microsoft Networking.

Our main focus is on System/Network Administration for small to medium sized businesses, that do not require the expense of a full time, ‘in-house’ system administrator but do require the expertise and knowledge of an experienced administrator.

Our staff are fully trained professionals and have worked or are working for some of the largest network systems around. Our team experience covers many areas, from sendmail to BIND (DNS), from Apache web servers, to software installation, from Shell scripting to PERL/CGI Module building, from Package maintenance to security and hacker tracking.

We can offer full time contracting on a month, year, or project basis. An example, our clients, have us to set up, monitor and maintain their machines and networks. Approximately 90% of our work is done after hours and remotely. This means we do not require an office in your area, we do not have to hassle employees during “working hours”, less down time for your network during “core hours”. All this in turn means more over all savings for you, the client.

We do offer email support and consulting. We are able to provide training seminars and/or sessions as well as documentation for various items. If required, we can provide shell scripts to help daily processes and routine tasks for your machines.

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